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Problems in comprehension occur when children are able to read fluently and accurately, but are unable to understand what they are reading.
Children, who are unable to comprehend, struggle academically and develop low self-esteem. Good comprehension requires good listening, reading and critical thinking skills.
The Think Stations COMPREHEND workshop introduces you, over half a day, to the importance of comprehension, the skills involved and how reading and listening processes work.
Module 1: Building comprehension skills

  1. Why are comprehension skills important?
  2. Major skills in comprehension
  3. Welcome to COMPREHEND
  4. Reading progression
  5. Building higher order thinking skills (HOTS)
Module 2: Introduction to COMPREHEND
  1. Strategies in the classroom that promote reading and critical thinking
  2. Components – videos, activities, assessment
  3. Workflows – working with us on assessments
  4. Criteria for writing assessments
Module 3: Introduction to the Learning Management System
  1. What the system can do
  2. Creating your student logins
  3. Removing and adding students – moving students
  4. The student grade book
  5. Assigning homework
  6. Inputting the print book scores
  7. Messaging within the system
  8. Exporting the grade book into Excel
  9. Adding additional assignments into the system
  10. Write-in assessments – how and where

Our children are growing up in a very different world. What are the skills that they need to be successful in the 21st century? How can we, as teachers, incorporate these skills in how we teach?

Module 1: Introduction to 21st Century Skills
  1. The Framework
  2. CEO Survey
  3. Introduction to the skills
Module 2: Introduction to Explore
  1. The format
  2. The dos and don’ts
  3. Preparation: before an Explore
  4. Working on curriculum and materials
Module 3: Running an Explore

A teacher training activity focused on designing critical thinking.

The programme is designed as a hands-on activity where teachers work in groups, to develop a design. The activity has been carefully designed to test all the 4C’s and information literacy. It is a design thinking activity that needs them to think about the use and development of their design.

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