Comprehend for schools

The only comprehension program in India that looks at listening and reading comprehension, with practical literacy and critical thinking.
Problems in comprehension occur when children are able to read fluently and accurately, but are unable to understand what they are reading. Children that are unable to comprehend, struggle academically and develop low self-esteem. Good comprehension requires good listening, reading and critical thinking skills.
As part of our comprehend module, your child will develop:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Visual Comprehension
  • Thinking Skills
COMPREHEND is an all-encompassing comprehension and critical thinking programme that uses physical and digital formats to improve a child’s audio, visual and written comprehension, while enhancing practical literacy. Children are exposed to material across media – print, audio, websites, videos, menus, advertisements and even brochures. They start with the development of simple skills such as details and sequence, and progress to higher order thinking skills such as inferences, fact and opinion and cause and effect.

Progression of skills
Our lessons cover a range of topics that include science, geography, history, epics, culture, literature and renowned personalities.
The skills covered in this program include:

  1. Main idea
  2. Details
  3. Context
  4. Sequence
  5. Readers
  6. Inferences
  7. Drawing conclusions
  8. Following directions
  9. Facts and Opinion
  10. Cause and Effect

Teacher Support
Our team works closely with schools ensuring their students' success. Here are a few things we do to support schools:
  1. Teacher orientation and training programme, with both on-site and online support.
  2. Regular contact with teachers to support and guide them.
  3. Available for reviews and assessments, as defined by the programme.
  4. Additional theme based support – our curriculum team will provide additional theme based worksheets, if requested by teachers to integrate, with what they are doing in class.

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