You've Got Matter!

Everything around including us is made of matter. The water we drink, the air we breathe and the chair we sit on are all made of matter. Matter is made out of tiny particles called atoms and exists in different forms. We call this the states of matter. Here are the four main states of matter. 

bricks solid liquid sea water air
Solids Liquids Gases Plasma
Solids are usually hard. When we hold it, it keeps its shape. The atoms in solids are tightly packed. Liquids don’t hold their shape but take the shape of the container they have been put in.

The atoms in gasses are loosely packed and are free to spread all over. A gas can take a small space like a container or the whole room!

Plasma is a special gas that is found in stars. While the particles move freely like gases they still react with forces like electricity. Plasma is used in our neon signs!

Matter can change forms. Water is the best example. 
Water when heated becomes steam, which is a gas. When we freeze water it changes to a solid – ice.

states of matter

You will notice that the atoms are tightly packed together in a solid. On the other hand you will see that the atoms in a gases are loosely packed and have a lot of space to move around.