Curriculum Support

Curriculum and Resources

Team Explore has created blended learning programs in the US, Europe and India. Many of these resources have resulted in award-winning programs. This is because we understand how kids learn, and are able to apply tools to ensure they learn faster, more and a lot better.

We can help in the following areas:
Curriculum Design Resource Material Rapid Textbooks
  • Competitor analysis
  • Conceptual design
  • Curriculum design for pre-school and primary schools
  • Learning plans

  • Design and development of digital and print resources for pre-K to 12
  • Teacher support material
  • This includes authoring, editing, design, engineering and production

  • Rapid development of school branded textbooks – access to our rich database of primary and middle school curriculum aligned resources to make your own school textbooks
  • Access to dynamic worksheets

We focus on keeping our programs visual, fun and interactive so that kids are motivated and engaged, thereby making learning a lot more effective. Developing this level of content can take years, but we have access to a database of resources that has been developed over many years. A motivated child does better at school, is more confident and happier.

We want kids to succeed as much as you do!

Value to schools
  1. Over 20 years of experience in curriculum and content development for schools and education companies across the globe – makes us faster, better and more responsive to changes in the environment.
  2. Access to the best educational experts in India, the UK and the US
  3. Massive database of curriculum related text, videos, art, photos for grades pre-K to Grade 8 – this means we are faster, better, and more cost effective. It would take years for a school to develop the content we already have.
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