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How to manage your child’s cough

The cough reflex expels air and secretions from the lungs with a sudden explosive noise. It clears the mucus...
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Can Newborn Babies Hear?

During pregnancy, many mothers find that their baby responds to loud noises by kicking about and remain quiet...
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Caring for a Fever

Everything you need to know about FEVER….. as a Parent What is a fever? • Normal body temperature is...
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Keeping Children Safe from Abuse

Children, irrespective of their background, age and religion, can be victims of abuse. It is something that...
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Keeping kids healthy in winter

It is very common to hear parents complaining that their child has yet another runny nose. Others abhor the...
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Fever is good

Everybody knows what a fever is, but many people don’t know what it means. One common error is to assume...
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