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Making connections when reading

    Children are always trying to make sense of the world around them. From a very early age, they...
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Poetry Recitation at Home

Back when I was in school, poetry recitation was something that was explicitly taught in the classroom. From...
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Chacha Nehru and Children’s Day

Children’s Day is observed in India every year on 14 November, which is the date of birth of Jawaharlal...
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How to promote good dinnertime conversation?

An important part of language arts is the ability to speak and listen. Not enough instructional time is...
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Where are the Children?

Recently, at a dinner party, a young gentleman came up to me and asked what are you studying? And I replied...
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Helping Children Get Past “Writer’s Block”

We’ve most likely all had moments where we are facing a blank page and can’t think of a single...
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Oh! My Little Baby

Aditya, the last born, was the baby in the family. Largely because we just treated him like one. Aditya was my...
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Born to give – nurture it!

Udai’s 6th birthday was coming up. Just like any other 6-year old, he wanted a party! How could I make this...
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The Right to Education Act: The Parents’ Role

A teacher of a private unaided school that is implementing the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory...
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