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Understanding is key!

A parent walked in with her two children. Her concern was that her son, Varun, was not doing well at school....
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Persuasive Writing

      Children are often pleading with us parents for one thing or another—a new toy, a yummy...
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We got to comprehend!

Ram graduates with reasonable grades and gets a job. One day, his boss walks in, hands him a document and...
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How to Get Your Child to Actively Engage the Text

Once your child is at an age where he/she is reading fluently and comprehending, there is still work to be...
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Listen Up!

Reading and writing are very important language arts skills. But did you know that listening and speaking are...
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The importance of reading to your child

As parents, you want only the best for your children. You work hard to provide for their physical needs and to...
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