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A Case for Audiobooks

I was talking to a friend the other day about an impending long car ride she would be taking with her...
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How to manage your child’s cough

The cough reflex expels air and secretions from the lungs with a sudden explosive noise. It clears the mucus...
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Caring for a Fever

Everything you need to know about FEVER….. as a Parent What is a fever? • Normal body temperature is...
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Poetry Recitation at Home

Back when I was in school, poetry recitation was something that was explicitly taught in the classroom. From...
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Give love a chance

Today my blog is not about being a parent. I dedicate this to us parents being children too. My parents raised...
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The Quaint, Compliant World of Children

What is childhood? Is it merely a stage of life? Or is it a state of mind? Does that mean it does not hinge on...
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Talk Up!

An aunt recently wrote to an advice columnist saying that she didn’t know how to “talk down” to her...
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