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Parents share their experiences.

Parent Teacher Meetings: Do they have to be this way?

No child is totally perfect. They have good days and bad days. Don’t we all? There is a joy in growing,...
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How to promote good dinnertime conversation?

An important part of language arts is the ability to speak and listen. Not enough instructional time is...
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The Lost Art for Letter Writing

When was the last time you received a hand-written letter in the mail? In this age of email and texting,...
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Safety Measures For Children

Recent instances of gross violations of child rights have shocked the nation and raised questions of safety of...
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Social Networking sites- a boon or a menace for kids?

We are living in the 21st century and today’s child is far more intelligent, aware, more well-travelled [I...
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The Quaint, Compliant World of Children

What is childhood? Is it merely a stage of life? Or is it a state of mind? Does that mean it does not hinge on...
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Bullying? Whose problem?

I saw the video and experienced the subsequent outrage across social media and the news. Everybody was talking...
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Imagination and our kids

by Tara Sharma Fascinated…watching Zen out of the corner of my eye as I write this. He is absorbed in a...
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