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Gayatri Singh

Gayatri founded Think Stations in 2013. Think Stations work with schools to implement programs that focus on 21st-century skills, language comprehension and critical thinking. Gayatri has two young boys. Wanting the best for them is what inspired the creation of Think Stations. She previously co-founded QBS Learning, an education content company. Based in the US and the UK, she had the opportunity of working with some of the best education experts, developing and implementing education programs in that region. Gayatri has over 18 years of entrepreneurial and education experience. In 2009, she received the Tata Stree Shakti Award for Woman Entrepreneurship. She has a background is business, studying Economics and St Stephens followed by a CBA from INSEAD. She is passionate about innovation in education and #21Innovate is focused on building awareness in this area. She is also a member of the core team of iamgurgaon ( an NGO focused on green projects.

Innovate! Change the Game

What makes us stop thinking outside the box? What makes us take the safe and tried path? Does it start at...
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Collaboration, not Colonization!

  Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.        ...
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Parent Teacher Meetings: Do they have to be this way?

No child is totally perfect. They have good days and bad days. Don’t we all? There is a joy in growing,...
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We don’t grow into creativity!

It is not what we know that is important today, but what we do with it! It is our ability to analyze, think...
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Give love a chance

Today my blog is not about being a parent. I dedicate this to us parents being children too. My parents raised...
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National Pride – Where has it gone?

With Independence Day around the corner, Team Explore wanted to get children to share what they loved about...
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Look Honey, I Spoilt the Kid!

In today’s competitive world, most of us have fallen prey to some habits that are terrible for our kids. Can...
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Think! Change!

Constant change We live in such a different world today. One where information is available at a click of a...
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Bullying? Whose problem?

I saw the video and experienced the subsequent outrage across social media and the news. Everybody was talking...
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Oh! My Little Baby

Aditya, the last born, was the baby in the family. Largely because we just treated him like one. Aditya was my...
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Born to give – nurture it!

Udai’s 6th birthday was coming up. Just like any other 6-year old, he wanted a party! How could I make this...
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