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We are educating for a different world

There is a consensus that schooling no longer delivers as it did before, as it has failed to adapt to change. Outdated curriculums are not allowing students to be educated for the real world. Students, on the other hand, are growing up in a world where information is available at the click of a button. What is therefore more important is what we do with this information.

The children need to build skills to survive in the 21st century – according to the World Economic Forum report – problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, people management and decision-making are some of the most important skills that children must have.

Our policies and system have not evolved to take care of the needs of the new world. We can already see the impact as millions of students graduate without the skills to be employable. But is there something we can do – while the system slowly changes? We all recognize the need to build right brain skills for our children to succeed in the 21st century.

Children who do not build right brain "skills" will suffer in a world where ruled-based jobs will be slowly automated. In a business, constant innovation and a human-centric approach are the needs of the hour. Children who learn to problem solve early on will instinctively become solution providers vs. complainers.

Think Stations is an integrated education and teacher training company, focused on making education engaging and effective in the 21st century. We focus on building a stronger foundation and empower children with skills that they need in a rapidly changing world.

Our programmes bring in the best content and training, developed around the globe, to ensure children build skills that are required in today’s world. Our team has extensive experience in developing curriculums and conducting teacher-training programmes in the US and the UK. Today, the company implements its programmes in some of the best schools in India and Dubai.

We run two programmes for schools:

  1. #21Innovate is focused on problem solving and innovation using design thinking.
  2. COMPREHEND builds English reading, writing, listening skills and critical thinking skills- The essential foundation for life-long learners.

What makes us different?
Empathy is where we start. While we have invested years in developing the highest quality content using experts from across the world, we cannot make this help students if we don’t understand their needs along with that of the teachers and the school. What makes us special is we are passionate about attainment and we make this happen by being part of a larger team and working for each student and teacher we touch.

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In addition, we have resources, tips and blogs for parents.

Making a difference

It is our goal to make our products and programs accessible to underprivileged children as much as possible. We are working with corporate sponsors to develop a scholarship and outreach program.


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